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The approach is to look within each specific situation the thickness of at least one story. Credible, because the buildings to restore always have a story to tell. The problem of recovery is intimately linked to the history of their walls, and how, within them we can recreate life


Hotels are our passion since ever. In this book we collect our emotional experiences working with hotel business.

Hotels as places

Hotels have been our first works and our first experience. To them and to our clients we dedicate this book.


The architect wants to understand wishes and aspiration of his customer and turn them into reality, which is why we speak of giving shape to dreams. To do that the architect employs craftsmen who share the same passion and love for work and that’s why, at the end, the work will be perfect.

Moret wellness

Within a new urban model which necessarily extends across the city, taking in its outer edge «La’ di Moret» Hotel reinforces its role as “hinge” and “hub” in the system.

University Residence Le Grazie

This book tells the story of six years of work started by the religius order “Servi di Maria” to recover a part of the city of Udine and to revive its social and cultural functions and to provide a solid financial investment. The historical centres of the towns have been emptying of both people and contents: this project is an attempt to fill the gaps which have been left.

Il racconto dell’albergo diffuso

This book, only in Italian, describes the history of a innovative kind of hospitality invented by Carlo Toson: the Diffused Hotel.




Book presentation «Un dialogo ininterrotto»

Carlo Toson presents a book he wrote with Serena Maffioletti and Nicola Navone about his experience with architect Flora Ruchat

Flora Ruchat-Roncati: the university residence Le Grazie

Roma — 30 January 2012
Architect Flora Ruchat-Roncati talks about the stunning architecture of the residence Le Grazie at Roma architecture University.

History of minimal spaces

why minimal spaces are so important nowadays?

How to restore an old house

this video shows how to completely restore an old building as if it was new.

  • Quality of space
  • quality of interiors
  • energy efficiency
  • tecnical efficiency
  • complete transformation

How to create a loft in a historical building

How hotels evolved

How to make a hotel linked with the surroundings

Developing hotels

Hotel Firenze: history of a revival

Here we tell the story about what we do best: transform old buildings in successfull hotels.
We visited Hotel Firenze after 10 years. We see how everything is still perfect. Good design and construction is always worth.