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We know how to make them

Over the years our «Service» has become more specific and refined, adapting to the different environmental situations in the countries where Toson Architects&Partners operates, but still respecting the binding requirements of the Clients: FINAL QUALITY OF THE WORK, RESPECT FOR THE BUDGET AND PROJECT TIMES.

AArchitects can offer all the services listed below, regarding the supply chain that leads to the construction or restructuring of a hotel structure.

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Feasibility studies

Before deciding, every investor wants to restrict the range of variables, both regarding possible set backs, and regarding amortization. AArchitects can study the specific situations thoroughly and imagine the possible scenarios. The study also defines the maximum creativity possible, the first draft of what could be the physical appearance of the investment.

Search for financing

Compatibly with the results of the feasibility study and with the client’s choices, AArchitects can find the most suitable financing for each situation.

Search for management

Financing is generally connected to the reputation and quality of the management, which is often a different entity from the proprietor. It is sometimes necessary to find a temporary management which can start or restart the structure functioning. AArchitects is able to find the most suitable management for its clients.

Executive planning and choice of materials and equipment

Executive planning is the instrument through which ideas are transformed into reality. It must be brilliant and precise and allow the project to proceed with the utmost rationality possible.

Assignment of contracts

Choosing the contractors and suppliers must be done with extreme caution, finding the right balance between the quality required and the price. Thanks to its organizational flexibility, AArchitects makes it possible to work with suppliers chosen directly by the client.


When the work is finished it is indispensable to check that the work complies with the required functional criteria and with all current legislation. It is also indispensable to check that the final quality of the investment corresponds to the initial assumptions.

Assistance until start-up

Sometimes the investor needs professionals able to start the work functioning. AArchitects can assist the client in searching for and choosing the management.


Over thirty years of experience have enabled us to refine our procedures, thanks to a continuous follow-up on the works we have done. This monitoring concerns not only the endurance of the technical solutions adopted but also the correctness of the choices made at the start, and also, if necessary, the correction of such choices.

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