Architect Simone Mocchiutti

Simone Mocchiutti was born in Palmanova (Udine- Italy) in 1971. He studied architecture from 1990 to 1995 at the I.U.A.V. in Venezia (Italy) and in 1996 at the ETH in Zurich with Prof. Flora Ruchat-Roncati. He graduated in Venice in 1997.

He has worked with the architect Carlo Toson since 1990.

Work experiences:

  • Interior design of a private apartment in Moscow CSI
  • Interior design of MICEX offices in Moscow CSI
  • Reconstruction and reconvertion of part of the village into a “diffused hotel” Maranzanis (UD) Italy
  • Reconstruction of a social house in Maranzanis (UD) Italy
  • Urban planning in Comeglians (UD) Italy
  • Reconstruction of Hotel Medusa Lignano Pineta (UD) Italy
  • Reconstruction ofHotel Moderno (PN) Italy
  • Construction of a private apartment in Percoto (UD) Italy
  • Construction of a villa in Percoto (UD) Italy
  • Enlargement and reconstruction of Hotel Florida in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) Italy
  • Construction of a Hotel in Venice Italy
  • Constructionof a villa in Moscow CSI
  • Construction of a villa in Faedis(UD) Italy