Total reconstruction of a villa of the 70ies

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This is a radical reconstruction of an ugly villa built in the Seventies. Structures where reused and reinforced, and we adeed a new skin. We managed to get to the best ecological standards, comfort and beauty of a new construction, but with a much lower cost. Look up our article about the design process of this house.

La casa è tutta rivolta verso il magnifico panorama, e gli spazi sono pensati per il massimo comfort per una famiglia.

The house is facing a marvellous panorama, and spaces are thought to be the most comfortable possible for the family.

Brick cladding is the secret of this house: it was built by exceptional bricklayers with top grade material. The cladding protects the house an makes it long, long-lasting. The vitruvian motto “Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas” (Firmity, Utility, Beauty) is evergreen.


Classic villa, Moscow

Classic apartment, Moscow


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